Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service govern the use of OnlinePharmacyMD.com and outline the responsibilities of the users. The document includes sections on Introduction, User Responsibilities, Content Ownership, Disclaimers, Modifications, and Contact Information. It is a comprehensive agreement that users must adhere to when using our online pharmaceutical resources.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy page of OnlinePharmacyMD.com provides a comprehensive overview of how users' personal information is collected, used, and secured. It outlines users' rights and choices regarding their personal information and establishes contact methods for privacy concerns.

Privacy and Data Policy

OnlinePharmacyMD.com commits to the protection and privacy of personal data under GDPR guidelines. Our Privacy and Data Policy page outlines how we handle information, ensure security, and uphold your personal rights. For any privacy concerns, contact the website owner, Harrison Thurston.